Love, Relationship, Broken Heart 27 pcs Healing Crystal Starter Kit: 23 Crystals, Copper Kamadev Love Yantra, Flower of Life Cotton Cloth, Black

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  • ❤️WHAT MAKES THIS KIT UNIQUE? 27 healing objects in a unique crystal set for Love, Relationship and Broken Heart. Cotton Flower of Life sacred geometry cloth supports 23 powerful crystals to create a strong vortex of Life Force energy. Use the healing crystals in this crystal starter kit for self-love and relationship healing. Black Obsidian Pendant and Amethyst Dowser. Use the ancient copper Kamadev Love Yantra with various crystal combinations and Flower of Life for best results.

  • ❤️ 23 PROMINENT CRYSTALS for THREE GRIDS: 1. Love Attracter 2. Relationship Harmonizer 3. Broken Heart Healer. Healing stones in the beginner crystal set are 1 Rough, 6 Tumbled Rose Quartz crystals (self-love, heart healing, friendship, peace); 12 Quartz CrystalPencil Points (chakra balance, harmony, focus); Tumbled 1 each Lapis Lazuli (stress relief); Green Aventurine (heart healing, good luck); Blue Lace Agate (emotional healing, calmness); Rhodonite (emotional and yin-yang balance).

  • ❤️ EXTREMELY POWERFUL COPPER KAMADEV YANTRA: Enhances personality, helps attract partner of your dreams, and brings success and harmony in relationships. Copper magnifies the power of healing objects, continuously energizes, and cleanses crystals and healing stones in this chakra crystal set. 100% pure cotton Flower of Life altar grid cloth of approximate 15” X 15” size (grid size 12”X 12”) brings balance and harmony and aids the crystals for healing of heart and self-love.

  • ❤️ BLACK OBSIDIAN HEART PENDANT healing crystals set for overcoming relationship blocks, protection, Yin Yang balance, dispelling negativity. AMETHYST DOWSER in the crystal kit to check compatibility, identify relationship blocks. All stones and crystals in this set enhance work to bring focus, confidence, love and relationships.

  • ❤️ ATTRACTIVE GIFT READY BOX AND DETAILED BROCHURE WITH USAGE GUIDANCE: This chakra stones and crystals set comes in an attractive box. USAGE GUIDE in this chakra healing crystals set provides suggestions for three grid layouts. Carefully chosen real crystals can be used for numerous other grids, can be carried on person for mobile healing. Excellent gift for birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduation, farewell, get well soon.