Triple Seven Grooming: Bamboo Charcoal Mask - Organic and Natural, Exfoliating, Pore Unclogging, Acne & Blackhead Reducing, Skin Brightening, Anti-Aging, Deep Facial Cleanser

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Product Description

You’re a man. Men get dirty. Do yourself a favor and pull out all the dirt and impurities from your face with our Bamboo Charcoal Mask. Our formula has added benefits of brightening skin to reduce the appearance of age spot, sun spots, and hyperpigmentation. At Triple Seven Grooming, we don’t believe in rubbing chemicals all over our faces, so we use natural and organic ingredients you can pronounce, such as Vitamin C, Clove, and Cocoa butter. Try this out and we guarantee you will see an immediate difference after the first use. The only problem you’re gonna have now are the flock of people trying to touch your beautiful face